Praise The Lord

..what else can i say to impress my feeling rite now? just want to thank our Creator of what He has done for his people..I'M PRAISING YOU MY LORD..praise YOU from the bottom of my heart..

Miss My Boys

wHat a loNg tiMe no sEe

nk tulis ape ek?tk de idea pon..

10th APRIL 2010

went for SPA test today..can do and can not do..huhh..

oUr laSt vaCatiOn

*"i could still recall, our last summer, i still see it all.."

Remember this song? one of MammaMia it will remind me to our friendship..kinda miss you guys badly and it gonna kill me immediately..(haha)

Farewell Party

Ayo..I'm really tired o..Just back from farewell party for Sabahan and Sarawakian (non-Muslim) students..I noticed everyone was tired (some just back from sitten their final exam, others tired handled the meal for the party) , but everyone looked really happy for gathering together for the last time..A little upset la, because not all our batch student and some other junior attend the party..But still ok la..As long as we know we belong to each other..

mY c0LLect!0N

wanna share something in here..something i made a long time ago..hoho..check it out..
(click on them to view the full image..)

plz comment on them..